Web Application Development Services

Our 100+ strong team of web developers have over 10 years of experience creating web‑based applications for small and large enterprises for many industries.

For over 10 years Orion Alliance has had the privilege of working with businesses across a range of industries – from Banking to Healthcare, Tourism and Hospitality, Industrial and Manufacturing – to provide innovative web applications development services that drive customer engagement, streamline internal business processes, and promote positive brand awareness.

Whether you want to provide an interactive web-based service for customers or a practical solution for internal staff, Orion Alliance can plan, develop and release any kind of application to meet your business needs.

Just think of what your business could achieve with one of these web-based applications:

  • Online Booking Form
  • Social Networking Platform
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart and Purchase System
  • Content Management System
  • Online Banking
  • Interactive Games
  • Online Training
  • And much more…

Our 100+ strong team of expert web developers’ work closely with you to define your business objectives and the outcomes you wish to achieve with a bespoke web application.

From Planning to Development, Testing, Deployment and Release, you’re guided each step of the way and get regular status updates throughout the development cycle.

Web Application Technology

By keeping up to date with the latest web application development services, platforms and frameworks, our team is flexible enough to work within your technical scope and can provide a custom solution that delivers the most value to your business for longer.

Below is a quick rundown on the technology we use to power your ideas:

Front End Technology

Orion Alliance is up-to-date with the latest front end technology and can provide a custom solution to streamline your workflow and engage with customers on a new level.

Based on the current landscape of your IT infrastructure we define the following details:

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Backbone, Angular KS, Meteor JS, ReactJS and EmberJS

Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery

Back End Technology

We can define the type of back end technology you need to satisfy the scope of your project and technical requirements. If you’re unsure which back end solution is right for you, our team will be happy to advise you on the benefits of each one to help you make the right choice.

Frameworks: Symfony, Zend Framework, Django, Pyramid, Spring, ASP.NET and Express

Languages: Java, JavaScript, .NET and PHP

CMSs: WordPress, Drupal and Pimcore

Database Technology

Whether you have an existing database you wish to preserve, or need to setup a brand new database, our team of specialists can provide a simple and effective way to keep your data secure, accessible and scalable.

Database Management Programs: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Quickbase, Redis and Sybase

Why Choose Orion Alliance

Over 10 Years of Experience

Over the past 10 years Orion Alliance has built long-term relationships with enterprises across a range of industries and stayed up-to-date with the latest web application technology to provide the best possible solution to meet your business objectives. Maybe you’ll be our next partner in success?

Project Management From Start to End

From the very early stages your goals and objectives are clearly defined so that focus can remain on your desired outcomes. Rest assured your project is expertly managed from start to finish and the application of knowledge, tools and skills is carried out in accordance with your project guidelines.

Mobile Responsive

Every effort is made to ensure the customer experience is consistent whether they are on a mobile device, tablet or desktop. By creating web solutions that adapt to the specific needs of mobile users – from using different screen sizes, to past and current operating systems, and different performance capabilities – we guarantee your application will be fast, responsible and easy to access on any mobile device.

Pre-Release Testing

Learn about possible bugs, errors, compatibility, and performance issues early before the initial release by performing different types of testing. From performance to quality assurance, usability, security and site management – every aspect of your web application is tested so you know it’ll meet the highest industry standards.

Deployment and Post-Release Support

Even after your web application has launched you receive ongoing support from our highly skilled web developers. Whether you need to resolve key issues, add more features and services, or overhaul the GUI design – we can help.

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