Mobile App Development Services

Orion Alliance designs, tests and deploys applications for mobile and tablet devices running on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

In 2016, an estimated 62.9 percent of the global population owned a mobile phone. In response to the rising ownership of smart devices, developing applications for mobile devices and tablets has become a priority for businesses.

Why? Because mobile applications allow your business to:

  • Reach a new pool of potential customers, particularly the younger demographic
  • Make it easier for users to connect with your brand and organisation
  • Save money on marketing (releasing apps is far cheaper than traditional marketing methods)
  • Improve internal processes of the enterprise
  • Offer a more streamlined and positive customer experience
  • Receive honest feedback and reliable data from application users
  • Gain an edge over the competition

What We Do

Orion Alliance specialises in native and cross-platform mobile app development services for a broad range of industries. Our team of industry experts have years of experience turning innovative app ideas into reality for iPhone, iPad and Android users. We also specialise in developing for Blackberry and Windows.

Whether your purpose is to help people complete tasks, entertain themselves, monitor vital business tasks or book appointments, Orion Alliance can develop and deliver a custom app from the ground-up that reflects your business needs, budget and timeline.

Mobile application development is a complex multistage process. It requires the participation of many qualified specialists: system analysts, interface designers, developers and testers. Our company knows how to organize teamwork and produce high-quality products of any complexity. Below are the following steps we take to realize your mobile app vision:

Establish Project Scope

Define key details such as the purpose of the application, target audience, native or cross-platform aspirations, defining the back-end structure, technical requirements, monetization, budget and timeline

Our customer receives:

  • Terms of reference - requirements for mobile application development
  • API Requirements


Our team works quickly and efficiently to develop your app. We keep you involved at each stage of development and ensure the final product is delivered on time, on budget.

Our customer receives:

  • File to download the application on the App Store and Google Play
  • Application source code

Pre-Release Testing

We undergo an extensive testing process that involves running your application on different mobile and tablet devices, along with current and previous versions of iOS, Android, Blackberry OS and Windows OS. Based on the results of these tests the application is fine-tuned until full compatibility is achieved on the desired devices.

Our customer receives:

  • Application ready for use on different devices
  • Checklists and test cases for testing


Orion Alliance can deploy your application to early adopters rather than the general public. From there we gather honest and reliable feedback and work hard to resolve reports of bugs, errors and other issues. Once your application is fine-tuned to perfection we can proceed with launching to the general public and provide ongoing support after the initial release.

Our customer receives:

  • Stable application
  • Prompt decision of technical problems

From the choice of programming languages to the final quality assurance process, we use the latest technology in the development process. Our applications are carefully developed and thoroughly tested. The technology stack that provides your application:

Why Choose Orion Alliance

Result-oriented solutions for iOS applications

We create result-oriented iOS applications that meet the desires and goals of the client in various industries. Orion Alliance focuses on development process to create intuitive, functional and easy to use application. Based on your requirements, our team of experienced developers creates and offers the best methods to make your application stand out on the market. Having extensive experience in developing mobile applications for iOS, we have helped many clients to develop and improve their business, to increase profits. We will bring any ideas to life, providing quality control at every stage of development: prototyping, application architecture or UI / UX.

Infinite possibilities with Android apps

Orion Alliance develops Android applications that are easy to use, understandable to users and based on Android recommendations. We have experience in creating applications for devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables.

Your application can be from almost any industries: finance, banking, travel, fitness, healthcare, transport. Our mobile applications allow users to communicate, to sell, to do sports, to manage business. We can carry out projects for companies of various sizes: from startups to huge corporations. Invite our team of Android application developers to collaborate and turn your dreams into success stories.

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