Legacy Migration Services

Modernise your legacy system, preserve your existing data and internal processes with risk-mitigated legacy migration services from Orion Alliance.

Do you have 100% confidence your existing IT infrastructure can:

  • Keep up with the technological demands of tomorrow?
  • Meet (and exceed) the expectations of your customers?
  • Run perfectly without the need for costly hardware maintenance?
  • Help give your business a competitive advantage?
  • Be compatible with the latest software applications and operating system versions?
  • Protect itself from new, advanced and intelligent cyber-security threats?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of those questions, then you need stay ahead of the competition by updating your legacy systems.

What is Legacy Migration?

Many enterprises run their business on legacy systems that – while they still serve their intended purpose and ‘get the job done’ – have become obsolete due to the presence of newer operating systems, hardware and enterprise applications.

Maintaining these legacy systems can not only hinder productivity and fail to meet the expectations of customers, but they can be exposed to security threats and cost you a fortune in maintenance costs.

Legacy migration services involve upgrading your outdated software and hardwire while transferring existing data to a new system without compromising the data itself or changing the internal processes of the organisation.

What We Do

Orion Alliance can assess your current legacy system and migrate these services over to more powerful, secure and efficient IT infrastructure.

Rest assured you’re guided through each step of the journey – from assessment to defining the new architecture, migrating and testing – so you can be confident the process will go smoothly and with minimal impact on day-to-day business activities.

Below is a simply step-by-step process on how the legacy migration service works:


We take the time to plan your legacy migration strategy. By performing a comprehensive inspection of your existing system, we can identify the shortfalls of the current system and focus on key areas to be improved upon.

Based on the current landscape of your IT infrastructure we define the following details:

  • The key objectives of the business
  • Technical requirements to overcome
  • Risk assessment
  • Preferred time of delivery
  • Maximum budget
  • Other essential details in relation to the migration

Define New Architecture

Based on the results of the project scope, we define the roadmap of your new IT system and how it fits in with your current organisation processes.

  • Roadmap resources and services
  • Develop code migration strategy
  • Data mapping

Data Migration

Data preservation is an important aspect of the migration process. It can also be very complex. This is because data stored on older systems may have originated from software that is no longer compatible with newer operating systems, programs and infrastructures.

We can perform a variety of data migration types to suit your needs from storage migration to cloud migration and application migration.

Migration Services

Orion Alliance will make every effort to ensure the legacy migration goes smoothly and with minimal impact on your day-to-day business activities.

This process involves the following steps:

  • Build new architecture
  • Design new data model
  • Verify system complies with all requirements
  • Perform testing
  • Deploy the new architecture and maintain

Upgrade YourIT Infrastructure

Find out how Orion Alliance can upgrade your software and hardware to the latest technology.