Software Solutions for the Banking, Financial and Insurance Sector

For over 10 years our company has provided the Banking, Financial and Insurance sector with innovative, flexible and scalable software solutions

With the rise of mobile connectivity, emerging cyber-security threats and personal data breaches, and adopting of cloud-based technology. The banking, financial and insurance sector is submerged in a whirlwind of social and technological changes on a scale never seen before.

To stay ahead of the competition, instil trust in a sceptic consumer-base and keep up with the latest financial technology, you need to partner with a company who understands the unique challenges of this fast-paced industry.

For over 10 years Orion Alliance has been a preferred partner and service provider for some of the world’s leading financial institutes. From internet and mobile banking solutions to bank management software, automated solutions and custom payment systems – we deliver world-class results across the financial sector.

Whether you need to upgrade your current infrastructure or develop a new system from the ground-up, you get ongoing support from a team of 100+ strong industry experts who have the skills and capabilities to meet your business needs and objectives.

Banking, Financial and Insurance Software Services

Orion Alliance offers a variety of turn-key solutions for banking and financial service providers.

Custom Payment Software

Allow your customers to pay for what they want – anytime, anywhere – in a convenient, secure and reliable online payment system.

Powered by 128-bit encryption with multi-currency support and automated record-keeping, your customers can buy with confidence and you’ll know exactly when, what and where an online transaction occurs.

Without having to change your IT infrastructure, we can easily implement WorldPay, Google Checkout or PayPal into your existing workflow.

  • PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, EMV, Check-21 and other industry-standard payment options
  • Intuitive eCommerce payment integration
  • Support for multiple payment options like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal
  • Self-service customer management portals

Bank Document Management

Take the stress out of dealing with busy paperwork like forms, documents, bank statements, payslips, invoices and ledgers. Stay compliant with data privacy laws and record-keeping regulations with an all-in-one document management system.

With Orion Alliance you can consolidate all of your crucial banking documents into a secure, well-organised and easy to use online platform. By using the latest cloud-based technology, we can build, design and implement a custom architecture that makes it easy for staff to upload, manage and access all kinds of documents.

From digitizing paper records to inputting advanced security measures and folder organisation – we do it all.

  • Mobile/WEB banking app development
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Billing and invoicing solutions
  • Integration to existing ERP and accounting systems.

Internet and Mobile Banking

These days it has become standard to give your customers the freedom to do banking on the go. Whether it’s to transfer money, take control of your finances or renew an insurance policy – the possibilities grow each year.

For over 10 years Orion Alliance has led the way in internet and mobile banking by providing a range of secure, convenient and reliable applications. Our aim is to put the power back into the consumer and make their lives easier while ensuring their personal data is secure. So as mobile becomes the preferred way to engage with customers, Orion Alliance can develop a custom mobile app to satisfy your business needs.

Orion Alliance also specialise in the custom integration of digital wallets, which include a range of different currency and token options.

  • E-wallet development and integration
  • End-to-end/Point-to-point encryption
  • NFC standard integration

Why Choose Orion Alliance

It’s simple. Orion Alliance works with you from the very early stages to define the purpose of your software solution, how it benefits the end-user, and what you hope to achieve in the long-term.

Whether your desire is to boost productivity, improve the customer experience, stay compliant with strict industry or government regulation – we offer a range of solutions to meet your needs.

Fast Delivery Times

Our team of industry experts’ work around-the-clock to complete the specified tasks and meet key objectives within a precise schedule to ensure your product is delivered on time and on-budget with minimal fuss.

Advanced Security

Protect your customers from potential security threats, acts of fraud, and personal data breaches with the latest online banking security systems. We can apply a range of security measures such as multi-factor authentication, firewalls, fraud detection systems, automatic time-outs and 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

Post-Release Support

Even after your application has left the door we can keep you up-to-date with regular maintenance, patches, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Project Management

From start to end, we will keep you in the loop and ensure the development cycle is carried out based on your unique project requirements. We understand just how fast the financial sector moves. That’s why we stick to a fixed schedule for each task and allow you the freedom to request changes in the event of new industry guidelines, government regulation and legislation.

Quality Assurance

With over 10 years of experience Orion Alliance has perfected the art and science of software quality assurance. Our approach involves reviewing all aspects of the software that define the user-experience from performance to UI design, mobile capability and flexibility. By stress testing the software under different conditions, it’s fine-tuned to deliver a quality experience under all reasonable circumstances.

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