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Providing software solutions to empower business growth and overcome specific challenges.


Orion Alliance supports businesses across a range of industries to harness the full potential of information technology. Based in Europe we have 3 development centres located in Latvia, The Netherlands and Poland.

Since 2007 we have employed over 100 industry experts who provide onsite and offshore services in software design, testing, support, outsourcing, legacy system migration, enterprise application integration and block chain technology.

Our software solutions are designed to empower business growth, inspire customer engagement and overcome industry-specific challenges. Whether your enterprise is big or small, Orion Alliance is fully equipped to handle even the most complex tasks, yet still offer a high level of customer service with a personal touch.

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At Orion Alliance we understand keeping up with new technology is tough. That’s why we provide world class software solutions across a range of industries to keep you productive, competitive, and focused on your business objectives.

By adopting the latest software tools, Orion Alliance streamlines the development cycle and helps realise your vision sooner.

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Since founded in 2007 Orion Alliance has developed lasting relationships with clients across a broad range of industries. Our talented staff has the ability to meet the unique needs of any sized business in any industry.

Whether your priority is to improve productivity, site safety, customer engagement, or cost reduction – your personal needs will be met.


24/7Customer Support

No matter where you are – or what time it is in your part of the world – our 100+ strong team of expert staff is ready to consult your business needs via phone, email, live chat and live video.

World ClassTechnology

From Cloud Computing to Blockchain Technology and Automation, it’s easy to equip your business with the latest software tools and technology to gain the competitive edge.

10+ Yearsof Experience

Our years of experience mean we are efficient in all aspects of software development, up-to-date on the latest technology advancements, and always looking forward to provide solutions that exceed your expectations.

Personalisedto Your Needs

Orion Alliance provides bespoke software solutions designed to identify, address, and overcome industry-specific matters relevant to you. We take the time to focus on your pain points and guide you towards a better way.


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