AWS Cost Optimization

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Have you made a transition to cloud solutions? It was promised that the costs will be reduced and you will pay only for the resources that you use? But in reality, things are different: costs are rising, but productivity, flexibility and usability remain at the same level? Are you familiar with this situation? So many questions, no real solutions… But not for us!

Our experts are ready to analyze your cloud architecture and to offer options for your AWS costs optimization.

A simple analysis and optimization of the deployment scheme in AWS

Often during the initial deployment, excessive resources are laid for performing individual tasks as part of the software package. For example, scheduled service tasks do not need constantly raised capacities. It is possible to transfer them to separate functions launched by AWS on a schedule. Or, for example, storing metrics and logs with a low access may be significantly reduced by automated posting of them to repositories with suitable storage and access conditions.

An in-depth analysis of the deployment scheme in AWS, installation of profiling tool at critical points, statistics collection. Architecture optimization for specific types of load

We offer to perform profiling optimization – to identify redundancy points by analyzing the loads in various operating modes of the system. After collecting statistics from control points, the determination of the actual load on the machines provided by the services is possible. Then we establish the necessary power of computing nodes, taking into account reasonable redundancy. This method allows to identify bottlenecks in the system, reducing the downtime of the remaining components.

Adaptive changes of deployment configuration according to the modes of cloud operation

The load in the systems may have cyclical nature. After analyzing and identifying these modes, it is possible to adaptively change the allocated resources depending on the expected or actual mode of system operation.

Analysis and optimization of your software solutions for optimal deployment

Even different components within a single service can provide different types of system load. It is important to find a compromise between the services connection and their functionality fragmentation. A more accurate classification and splitting or merging of services allow to distinguish classes according to specific load profiles and distribute them to the corresponding AWS resources in terms of power. In addition, we can optimize the service code of the system, if there is no other way to improve system performance.

Examples of simple steps towards effectiveAWS Cost Optimization

Our client had several RDS database instances as a part of its architecture in 4 regions. Using a peering connection, we connected one RDS instance in one region to other ones, this allowed to avoid unnecessary RDS instances. Thus, the costs of maintaining the databases in AWS were reduced without loss of productivity and stability of the whole system.

Another story is about the wrong types of EC2 instances. One of our customers had many separate services running on expensive EC2 instances. After analyzing the load, it turned out that most of the series stood idle much of the time. Orion Alliance specialists decided to transfer part of the services to ECS, and completely abandon the other part, transferring their logic to AWS Lambda. Such actions have reduced costs by 40%.

Orion Alliance specialists know how to reduce your costs and save time. We can guide you through the appropriate strategy and analysis method for the elasticity, efficiency, and resilience of the AWS cloud.

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