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Instore and Online

Orion Alliance’s software solutions enhance business growth and customer experiences. From Checkout to Stock Control and Loyalty Programs – you get it all.

Provide a better shopping experience for your customers. Be in control of every aspect of your retail store. From Point of Sale to Inventory Management, Checkout and Customer Loyalty Programs, we provide custom retail software to increase sales, maintain customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd.

In our company we help retailers rethink their business strategy and quickly adapt to the dynamic retail environment across all channels. Whether you run a physical store or e-commerce site, we can

E-Commerce Solutions

Competition in the online retail space is growing. Consumers of today expect to be able to browse and purchase the items they want quickly, easily and efficiently. Especially when they’re away from their desk and on-the-go.

Orion Alliance can implement retail software solutions and automated processes so you can quickly localise prices, streamline the checkout process, and give customers the freedom to purchase in their preferred currency and platform.

  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts and Hosted Checkout Solutions
  • Integration for Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Other Payment Systems
  • Easy to Use Data Mining, Tracking and Visualisation Software
  • Custom Mobile Applications

Back End Operations and Security

Keep track of your back end operations with easy and intuitive software.

From managing stock inventory to recording transaction history, supply chain logistics and custom shipping solutions – we have you covered.

  • Back-Office Portals With Role-Based Access Controls for Analytics and Reporting
  • Integration With Existing ERP Systems
  • SSL/TLS Encryptions and Firewall Protections

Loyalty Program Management

Offer your customers lucrative loyalty programs. Track their spending habits and reward them with tailored discounts, offers and prizes. With our automated data mining and processing, it’s easy to keep track of repeat-customers and provide them with valuable incentives so they remain loyal.

  • Gift Card Redemption, Gift Registry, Plus Promotions and Discounts
  • Integration With Peer-To-Peer Platforms, Social Networks and Group Buying Platforms
  • Analysis User Profiles, Location, History and Behaviour to Give Discounts

Expand YourRetail Business

On top of all of these fantastic features, we are available 24/7 to provide immediate technical support when you need it most.