Medical IT Services and Support

Orion Alliance provides a range of medical IT services to improve patient incomes, support remote medical delivery, and streamline internal business processes.

When it comes to managing people’s health, there is no room for technical errors.

That’s why for the last 10 years, the healthcare industry has turned to cloud-based technology, mobile applications and bespoke IT solutions for medical devices. This way providers can improve patient outcomes, provide better remote care and easily track patients’ medical history.

Of course, you still need essential medical IT systems to run a successful practice. Whether it be an online booking system, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or medical billing platform – Orion Alliance has you covered.

Better Technology, Better Care

Our specialists provides a range of medical IT services for Clinics, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Specialist Healthcare Providers.

From Mobile Personal Health Records to Identity Management Solutions, Document Exchange Software and Telemedicine Platforms – we expertly manage your IT needs to deliver positive outcomes for staff and patients.

Our friendly and experienced team will take the time to address your specific needs and find a solution that gets the results you desire. No matter how simple or complex the job is, we are ready to help you.

Medical ITSolutions

Orion Alliance takes advantage of industry-leading IT solutions to empower healthcare providers with more convenient, scalable and efficient ways of communicating with staff and patients while keeping tabs on medical records, test results, personal data, medical equipment status and much more.

Learn more about the kind of medical software solutions you can make part of your healthcare facility

Health Information Exchange

We can develop convenient applications that allow patients and medical experts to appropriately access and share secure information – even between healthcare providers.

From medical history to appointment records and prescribed medication, we design intelligent apps that comply with the Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) so sensitive data is handled with care and accessed by approved personnel.

  • Exchange data between service providers using WEB/Mobile applications
  • Health Level 7 (HL&) International standards support
  • Data encryption, single sign-on, role-base access controls to secure sensitive data
  • Document exchange software

Electronic/Personal Health Record (EHR/PHR)

We can develop custom electronic and personal health record applications that allow patients and staff to access, manage and track their health in a secure, convenient and flexible environment.

Whether for a tablet or mobile device, we can develop a medical IT service that’s compatible with the desired platform and can be easily scaled to provide security updates, extra features and services, UI redesigns and performance enhancements.

  • Development and integration of EHR applications to record key info such as demographics, medical history, past appointments, major illnesses and surgeries, allergies, chronic diseases and history of family illness
  • Cloud-based mobile PHR applications for interconnectivity with EHR devices and medical experts, insurance companies and payer systems
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Identity management and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) systems
  • Data analysis of patients’ medical history, demographic, vitals, allergies, immunizations and lab results


For patients who live in remote locations and cannot gain immediate access to onsite medical care. Telehealth is an effective way to provide quality care via telecommunication technology, without the patient having to travel long distances to get specialist advice.

Orion Alliance's designs and implements Telehealth solutions for popular platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows, which are compatible with certain medical devices and telemedicine platforms.

  • Telehealth medicine charts, digital conference solutions and applications for telemedicine peripherals
  • Real-time data gathering from monitoring systems and storing into databases (HER/EMR/PHR)
  • Custom web applications for patients to manage medical history, lab requests and results
  • Software development for scheduling, managing appointments and invoicing customers for doctors’ visits and lab results

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