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Oil and Gas Industry

Orion Alliance’s bespoke software solutions help the oil & gas industry improve supply chain efficiency, worksite safety and risk mitigation.

Whether you run an onshore or offshore site, our team offers an array of bespoke software solutions designed to help you improve operational efficiency and worksite safety, reduce environmental impact, mitigate risk, and gain a competitive edge on the market.

While there are many unique challenges facing the oil and gas industry – from global warming to tightening budgets and stringent government regulations – the power of cloud technology, automation, and real-time data analysis makes it easy to efficiently manage your site – even in remote locations.

No matter the size or complexity of your supply chain, you can trust in our highly skilled team to focus on the unique challenges you face and supply a cost-effective solution that meets your needs and budget.

BespokeDigital Solutions

From Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Asset Management, Risk Mitigation and Real-Time Data Tracking, we provide all of the software solutions you need to be more efficient and leap ahead of the competition.

Regardless of your current operational setup, it’s easy to incorporate the latest technology into your workflow, without compromising your existing legacy system or valuable customer data.

Rest assured you’re guided each step of the way – from consultation to testing and deployment – and you receive regular updates from our friendly and supportive team. So you can be confident the development cycle will be simple and stress-free.

Upstream Services

  • Software development for managing upstream processes
  • Workflow optimization, data storing and real-time analysis
  • Monitoring and control systems using an integrated SCADA
  • Mobile development for real-time tracking of GPS data, well and equipment histories and life-cycles
  • Real-time report systems for forecasting

Midstream Services

  • Real-time pipeline tracking system for pressure and metering auditing mitigating risks to safeguard your personnel and asset
  • Minimize operational costs and enhance capacity scheduling and optimizing of pipeline
  • Software development including pipeline management services, interactive dashboards, systems integrations and legacy migration
  • Trade execution acceleration and mitigation of operational and regulatory risks

Downstream Services

  • Development of robust supply chain and trading management systems
  • Development of powerful Energy Reading and Risk Management systems
  • Document and retail management systems including invoicing

Better Manage Your Onshore and Offshore Facilities With the Latest Digital Solutions

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