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Find out how Orion Alliance can streamline your development and release cycle with a custom automated DevOps solution.

Do you want to speed up your development cycle and beat your competitors to the punch with innovative and exciting new products? Do you have ongoing release issues? When deploying production, are you worried about possible errors? Are you tired of testing manually? We have a solution for you! Our professionals will help you set up Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, set up automatic testing. We are sure, you’ll be glad to know just how cost-effective, quick and easy it is to implement the DevOps framework into your existing business practices.

What is DevOps?

DevOps can be understood as development cycle in which we aim to bridge the gap between the development and operations team. By promoting a strong collaborative approach, our goal is to help your team members share equal responsibility and combine their workflow in order to work more productively.

  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration Management
  • Streamline repeatable process
  • Continuous improvement

Our DevOpsSolutions Examples

  • Development of systems for the automatic preparation and deployment of the host environment for various products. For example, scripts development for terraforms that allows to create and configure all the necessary resources in AWS, Azure and other cloud services automatically. It makes easy to deploy several independent environments for each individual task, be it development, testing or production.
  • A system that allows to collect automatically Docker containers, run unit tests and deploy the build in one of the AWS environments (dev/UAT/prod) when automatically committing to certain branches of GIT repositories. Through privilege and access settings, it is possible to flexibly configure the hardware system to deploy the build in a particular environment.

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