Transport, Traffic, Car Rental and Parking Software

Orion Alliance provides custom software solutions to power the various functions of the Transport, Traffic, Car Rental, Car Sharing and Parking industry.

We provide an array of custom software solutions to support the various functions that drive real results in the Transport, Logistics and Traffic industry. Our services also extend to the Rental, Car Sharing and Parking sector.

All of our bespoke software is fully customisable and scalable to meet the needs of your business. Our 100+ strong team of developers work closely with you to define your challenges and business goals then provide a cost-effective solution to ensure maximum return on your investment.

Transportation Solutions

Our transport services aim to reduce stress, eliminate supply chain errors and provide the best possible end-user experience.

Use the latest Transport Management Software (TMS) to deliver stock from A to B more swiftly, safely and cost-effectively. No matter how complex your supply chain is, we can implement the right software package to support your current business practices and legacy systems.

  • View real-time updates on delivery status
  • Monitor driver status to quickly diagnose and address early signs of fatigue
  • Provide accurate ETAs for clients based on real-time data on traffic congestion, accident reports; including vehicle speed, mileage and fuel consumption
  • Colour-coded project management software lets you easily allocate and track multiple jobs at once

Traffic Management

From monitoring dangerous driving patterns, to reviewing road lifespan and exploring ways to reduce traffic congestion, we provide road surveyors and city planners with indispensable software tools to assist motorway management and urban development.

  • Real-time traffic monitoring systems development including RFID sensors, number plate recognition, weigh-in motion devices, electronic beacons and other features
  • Neural network software for automated speed detection, traffic enforcement, incident detection
  • Online dashboards with reporting, recording and playback, intersection control tools

Rentals and Car Sharing

Whether you operate a car rental company or car sharing service, we develop custom web, mobile and third-party applications to power your consumer services and streamline your internal business processes.

From fleet management to vehicle maintenance scheduling, online booking and payment integration – all of your needs are covered.

  • Mobile and web clients for online booking and payment integrated to tour operator, OTA services and online booking tools
  • Car rental rate management software development
  • Rental contract and rental auto park management software, insurance services
  • Rental car tracking


Parking management doesn’t have to be complex. We make it easy.

We supply custom software designed to help car park operators manage their parking spaces; stay up to date with real-time parking occupancy, compliance and parking reservations, and power intuitive and easy to use software for self-service parking machines.

  • Self-service mobile apps
  • Mobile parking payments
  • Parking access control
  • Parking management solutions

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