Enterprise App Development Services

For over 10 years our company has transformed creative enterprise app ideas into practical solutions for the Banking, Healthcare, Financial and other sectors.

Mobile technology is changing the way small and large enterprises conduct business.

No longer are employees bound to working stationary on their desktop computers or laptops. These days it’s common for an entire workforce to be constantly connected to the world on their mobile devices. Why not take advantage of this opportunity and make it work in favour of your business?

By giving your team access to flexible, easy to use and reliable enterprise applications, you have the potential to help your business grow by being more productive, innovative and scalable.

Of course, you first need to figure out what kind of problems your staff are facing, and how an enterprise application can make their job easier.

Enterprise AppsWe Develop

Our 100+ strong team of expert developers have over 10 years of experience creating innovative apps for iOS, Android and Windows-based platforms.

No matter how big or small your business, Orion Alliance can work closely with you to plan, design, integrate, and release a custom enterprise app to help your business reach soaring new heights.

Imagine what your business could achieve with an enterprise application development service that lets you:

  • Manage core business processes in real-time
  • Manage and maintain physical assets in your organisation
  • Record and process accounting transactions
  • Automatically send and receive electronic bills
  • Interact with current and potential customers
  • Securely manage and record critical data of your enterprise
  • And so much more…

Guiding You to SuccessFrom Start to Finish

From the very first meeting, our experienced mobile app developers will determine the scope of your project and provide a custom solution to suit your needs and budget. Every aspect of your project is meticulously planned, discussed and structured – from establishing business objectives to meeting user-expectations, identifying growth opportunities and scalability – so the development cycle goes smoothly and the project is delivered on time, on budget.

Everything you need is right here, including:

  • Mobile application development services
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Messaging and integration
  • Product training
  • Consulting, support and customisation
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Rapid business prototyping
  • Advanced security measures – multiple factor authentication, HTTPS encryption and secure firewalls etc.

Even if you’ve not had success with enterprise apps in the past, we will show you a better way.

Build Better AppsToday

We’ll be happy to define the scope of your project and help move your vision forward in the right direction.