Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Software

Orion Alliance provides bespoke software solutions that connect customers to service providers in the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Industry.

For over 10 years Orion Alliance has been a leading developer of secure, reliable and cost-effective software solutions for the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry.

These days, customers enjoy the convenience of booking and ordering online from the comfort of their mobile device. From booking a flight to making a reservation at a restaurant or buying tickets for an amusement park, you need a secure and reliable infrastructure to power these vital services.

That’s why enterprises involved in the hospitality, travel and leisure industry need to adopt the latest technology trends to personalise the customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Bringing a Personal Touch to theCustomer Experience

We provide bespoke software solutions to connect customers and service providers quickly, easily and seamlessly. We have over 100+ application developers who understand the unique challenges of your industry and are able to provide the best solution for your business needs.

By taking advantage of the latest cloud-based digital platforms, web and mobile applications and internal booking software, we can design and supply all kinds of automated solutions to increase consumer satisfaction, business growth and productivity.

Rest assured you can expect the highest level of customer service and support while you receive constant updates on development progress.

Our SoftwareSolutions

Below are the following types of Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Software we have experience with:

  • Hotel, Travel and Leisure Online Booking Sites and Applications
  • Restaurant Food and Bar Inventory Management Software
  • Integration of Custom Restaurant HCM Software for Payroll, Timesheet and Schedule Management
  • Kiosk Ticketing Solutions to Support Flexible Payment Options
  • CMMS Software for Amusement Park Maintenance Scheduling, Employee Work Planning and Tracking
  • Development of Admission Control Systems for Turnstiles and Doors With Support Of RFID, Cards, Biometric, Mobile Ticket Scanning
  • Development of Security Software for Real-Time Surveillance and Analytics, Smart Locks, Restricted Access Management

Connect With YourCustomers

Whether you’re in the market for a secure booking system, customer platform or kiosk system, Orion Alliance can help you.